Monday, November 10, 2008

So Keith Doesn't Vote. Big Deal.

If ever I saw a fake approach to being interviewed it was on The View. He looked like an idiot and told at least one lie that I know of. A question was asked about how people were saying he was angry and malcontent and his reply was that there was a lot of anger over the past two years, and that he saw a story that nobody was talking about so he thought he would do it. (Hence the beginning of the "special comments".) You'll have to watch the video to get the full context.

Um, Keith has been angry for a very long time. Just because the country was angry for the past two years doesn't mean there hasn't been people out there, before then, talking about how angry he's always been.

He likes to think that his career started two years ago, and in a sense maybe it did, but Keith has had opposition for a very long time.

Hell, when he first started Countdown I could see the anger in him. He was an asshole then and he still is. Actually, even more so now because he thinks he's the king of cable "news".

If I was him I wouldn't be tooting my horn too loudly. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 2 million viewers out of 300 million people in this country doesn't even make a percentage.
It doesn't warrant an uppity attitude and an holier than thou approach to his so called standings in the media.

After the skit on SNL his ratings didn't really go up that much. Do you think he's going to have a huge bounce with his visit on The View? I don't. I think some people will check it out long enough to see how incredibly obsessed he is with bashing people and will turn it off. He's kind of like the Don Rickles of news but not as funny.

It's been seen that when Keith gets bigger money and bigger exposure he becomes more of a dickhead. And usually when that happens with anybody they wind up slitting their own throats.
Keith has more scar tissue than anyone can keep up with. So he might want to keep that blade handy.


Anonymous said...

Loved the comment he gave about his personal life: boring huh? Says a lot about his relationship with KT doens't it?

flowergirl said...

Hehe. Yeah I heard that part.

marinara said...

I feel sorry for him. He should find someone who loves him for who he is.

Yeah, I know, nearly impossible, but it's still possible.

Amused said...

You don't think everyone of those 'view' ladies know he's living with a girl 26 years younger then him. Sadly, he did have enough sense not to take the bait on the "personal life" question.

Anonymous said...

Finding someone to love you for you isn't the hard part when you're Keith Olbermann, it's being able to love someone other than himself that's the hard part.