Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Have you ever noticed that when Keith is on vacation everything settles down for the most part?
There's not much tension, anger and frustration.
That should tell you something right there.

I don't watch Countdown that much anymore. It's become ridiculous and mundane. In fact, it's like watching reruns all the time.

I noticed that the ratings have gone back down as well. BillO still holds the lead. I guess that Keith's appearance on The View didn't give him a bounce. It could be that a lot of women didn't find him worth checking out.
Not to mention the fact that most people watched the end of the Tennessee game and then 60 minutes instead FNiA Sunday. I know I did.
Obama takes precedent over Keith. And peace takes over the internet when Keith is gone.
So it's a win win situation this week.


marinara said...

I'm not watching right now because I hate David Shuster.

I am really starting to like Rachel Maddow, though. I could never make fun of her. I can't even think of anything bad to say about her.

Keith's going to be sorry he got her a show.

flowergirl said...

I like David Shuster but I don't like him enough to watch him every night. Kind of the way I feel about Keith.

Rachel's show is really good. She's a good person. Hopefully, she won't let Keith fool her with his fake kindness.

camille said...

I had a few glasses of wine with dinner, so i'm not sure I heard David Shuster correctly - I think he said Keith was going to be baking a pie on martha stewart's show next week -

mmmmm, pie (in my best Homer Simpson voice)

marinara said...

She won't be fooled by him. She'll keep things professional so he never has any reason to be mean to her or thwart her career, except out of jealousy. Then everyone would know for sure that's the reason, and he'd look like a cad. And Keith does not want to look like a cad to his fans.

flowergirl said...

Keith bake a pie???? LOL.

Marinara, I think Keith has already proven to his fans that he's a cad. They just dismiss it as him having a bad day or something.

marinara said...

Which brings up another subject I was contemplating this morning with my coffee. First, he goes on The View (very brave of him, voluntarily throwing himself into that snake pit), and now he'll be baking a pie with Martha Stewart.

Why is he suddenly trying to rehab his image with women? Because that's what this is. I can't recall him ever doing anything like this before. Does he think it's necessary, or have his bosses insisted he do it? For some reason, getting Rachel Maddow her own show wasn't enough. That's not doing it for him, so he has to subject himself to these women.

Was there an internal study that showed him hemorrhaging female viewers? Or could this be a preemptive strike against his critics because he and Katy are going to break up soon? You know, "It wasn't because I wasn't sensitive to her needs. See how well I get along with women?" I could see it.

flowergirl said...

Or could it be that he wants to get in good with older women to make them think that he doesn't hate older women? Or hoping they will accept his so called relationship with someone too young?
All of his movements lately are very suspicious indeed. Totally out of character, which makes me believe it's all a put on. Fake.

There is no way I will ever believe that Keith has turned into Mr. Nice Guy and a down to earth home baked pie maker. Especially when he himself said recently that he has to "remember to be nice".

Nope. He's a big fake.

camille said...

Joe McHale asked him when he was going to be on "Tyra" ...could be just a matter of time

Excuse my French said...

Marinara is on the right track. This is a career-focused publicity tour to make himself more female friendly after all the nasty things he's said about women on his show (and in his life) in the past. Women do watch tv after all and if he can lure any into watching him he might accomplish two goals: more viewers and more (young) pussy.