Sunday, November 2, 2008


The "Special Comment" about Katy...I mean Miss Precious Perfect was perfect.


Anonymous said...

I expect we'll get a gratuitous Katy mention by Monday. Can't have people believing he lives with his mother and a cat.

flowergirl said...

Hehe. You could be right. But, fortunately, I won't see it. I'm sure I'll hear about it though.

Anonymous said...

Didn't have to wait for the show. He's mentioned her in a comment on Kos: "I'm allergic to cats (it's been a sad life), and all I have to live with is my girlfriend."

flowergirl said...

He sure has a way with words, doesn't he?

Every time he ever mentions Katy, it comes off as very impersonal.

It's interesting that he says these kinds of things in a way that leaves the door open for several different interpretations.
It's never a solid case with him.
He won't just come right out and say something like: I'm allergic to cats. I don't live with my mother. But I do have a live in girlfriend.
It's that simple.

I think that skit hurt his feelings really bad. And with the him saying that "it's been a sad life" explains a great deal.
I don't think he's happy at all. But that's just my interpretation of this statement.

marinara said...

"All I have to live with"?
Keith is very sexual, but he's not a romantic. If some of you wish to see that at a character flaw, so be it.

Now think about the dual meaning to that word, have in this context. 'Have' as in "All I have..." (possession of) not "I have to..." (I must, or am forced to). Keith has this peculiar quirk, that when he slips up like this, it's because he doesn't get the dual meaning or the feelings his words can cause, or the images it can evoke. I'm pretty sure he meant that all he had for companionship was Katy, not "I'm stuck with her". If he didn't want her there, she'd be gone.

I also did not get the impression that the cat was meant to represent her. I think that was meant as the stereotypical homo reference, along with living with mommy.

flowergirl said...

Romance is definitely not in his blood.

I was just joking about the cat being Katy. LOL.