Monday, May 26, 2008

Exploding Special Comment

I believe what Shrillary said deserved a major tongue lashing but Keith's "special comment" was overthetop. By that, I mean, if he's not careful his Michael Bolton forehead vein is gonna burst one of these days and it's just gonna be downright messy. This isn't something I care to witness but I'll watch it anyway.

It was a good commentary but sometimes I wonder if Keith does these just to hear his own voice, and/or to see how loud and angry he can act. They're ridiculous. Not the words, mind you, the delivery. His performances are extremely stupid. I seriously believe that these words would go over so much better if he did them in a more quiet way.
If you present an argument, or commentary, with a quiet but firm stance then it becomes more believable. When he lowered his voice during this "special comment" it made me listen more carefully and I wasn't more inclined to tune it out.
When people talk about his commentaries one of the first things I read is, "Wow he was really angry". Um, yeah, you can't help but notice that. He throws it out so hard you have to back up for fear that your t.v. is gonna explode.
Sometimes a quiet approach makes for a stronger delivery.

Now off topic..sort of.

Normally I wouldn't link to this place but I find this more true to form than most anything else they've mentioned.

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