Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kevin Spacey?

I like him, but what an awkward interview. Keith is so far out of Kevin's league that he looked like an elementary school boy waiting for his first kiss from the high school prom queen.
Keith needs to remember one thing though, actors act just like actresses do. He doesn't stand a chance.

Countdown was just plain adolescent tonight. In fact, I got up and left for a while. Seriously, I thought there for a moment I was watching a child holding himself just so he wouldn't pee his pants.

I did watch some of the primary last night. Obama's speech was, as usual, awesome. I don't listen to or watch Hillary because her perpetual smirk and shreaking voice makes me think of how bonehead is gonna be when she gets old. They're quite a lot alike.
Haha. Keith has Hillary to wake up to every day. No wonder he makes fun of her all the time.

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