Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Hillary! You're So Funny

Primarily idiotic.

I only watch bits and pieces of the primaries because I can't stand to listen to the same shit over and over. However, I turned it on just in time to hear Keith say something along the lines of, "If the roles were reversed we'd be watching cartoons right now".
I couldn't agree more with that statement.
Hillary is an idiot. Maybe she's the one who needs some of that Exfixor(sp?)

Now getting to the "special comment". I understand that it was a very serious topic, which I'm not disputing in the least, BUT Keith's "anger" was so over the top that it made me chuckle. I actually stopped listening to the words and just watched what amounted to a scene out of some B movie. Atrocious.

The only thing good about Countdown tonight was the news about Edwards endorsing Obama. And Chuck Todd. And Richard Wolffe.

Lose weight.

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