Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tim Russert Knows

Dana Milbank is funny. I like him. Tonight's Countdown was really good. Especially oddball. I absolutely loved the tuba player tripping that boy. And how many ways can you say "awwww" about a cute green puppy. ;-)

Anyway, on to the politics. Hillary is still a sore loser. She should listen to Tim Russert. And everybody else who knows when it's time to quit.
Now McCain? That's an interesting story. This is what I'm thinking. The democrats aren't going after him for his preacher problems because they know that McCain doesn't get it.
Have you ever spoken to a dog, preferably your pet, and he/she cocks its head to one side because they're trying to comprehend what the human is saying? Well, that's McCain. I mean, half of the time he doesn't even know where he is, which in and of itself is really sad, and I'm not even sure if he understands that he's actually running for the Presidency, so I think they feel sorry for him.
He's not gonna win and they know it. So why fight someone who is oblivious to anything that goes on beyond his own personal space?

Politics on Countdown has been boring until tonight. Good job.
Personal advice to Keith. Lose weight. At least some of it. Otherwise you're just gonna keep getting fatter and fatter, and then little girl is gonna have to take care of you the way a 24 year old girl shouldn't have to take care of an old boyfriend. But then, that's what she signed up for, isn't it? Must be exciting.

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