Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Beautiful Date

Okay, let's face it, Keith is looking for a beautiful date. Probably someone who isn't afraid of having her picture taken with him at events. And someone who is qualified to do the job she is doing or wants to do.
Never tell another "news person", and I use those words lightly, that they are not qualified to do a job when you, yourself, get your unqualified girlfriend a job she sucks at more than that one you just belittled.
It baffles me how he can actually say these things without batting a beady eye. But then, that's where the "real" "not real" person comes in. He's just not being realistic.

And how about the way Christian Finnegan didn't answer that question about the beautiful date? The guy is funny. I like him. And I think he knows exactly what Keith is up to.

Well, aside from the ignorant question at the end there, Countdown was relatively good tonight. Oddball was chuckle worthy. So not a total loss.


The Dude said...

Keith Olbermann is the worst sportscaster on television. He should be fired from his propaganda machine on MSNBC News immediately! He is a corporate NBC hack, who rails against political rivals, while shilling for his own company and the politicians he supports. Oh, and, if he wants taxes so high, why doesn't he pay his??? At least Bill O'Reilly was a real freakin' journalist for 25 years...

flowergirl said...

BillO was a real journalist for 25 years??????
Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Compared to Keith, Oreilly is a real journalist.

flowergirl said...