Sunday, June 15, 2008

Like Peter Jennings?

Remember when Peter Jennings passed away from lung cancer and Keith got all psycho chick on everybody about his own cancer scare? And then he thought it would be cool to show everybody his benign tumor? Well, I had the feeling that we weren't going to get through this weekend without something physically being wrong with Keith.

I sat there, with tears in my eyes, watching the reports and listening to the memories about Tim Russert thinking to myself, 'I wonder if Keith is going to take all of this to heart and decide to take better care of himself, or is something going to be wrong with him that will take that spotlight away from the only person in the news business that was true to the world.'
I guess I need not wonder anymore, huh?

I'm not saying it was Keith who chose this moment to have this(RLS) revealed but the timing is curious. I haven't said much about Keith, out of respect for the loss of Tim Russert, but this bothers me in the sense that it always has to come back to Keith.
It always has to be about him.

I believe Keith does feel a sadness for the loss of his colleague but I also believe Keith doesn't mourn the way most adults do. For one thing, he couldn't stay off of Kos. It's one thing to have viewers or bloggers to either say something good or something bad on the internet about Tim Russert's death, but it's a whole other story when the deceased's colleague can't keep his personal feelings at home..or with his peers.
He obviously needs to feel the comfort of his followers. So, basically, this has turned into an "I'm so sorry for your loss Keith" rather than Keith spending his time comforting his colleagues. Especially those who were much closer to Tim than he was.

Also, it really irks me that anybody could think that Keith is the beginning of the way the news is going to be. Um, Lord I hope not. The news needs to go the way Tim Russert did it. Otherwise, it's going to fail.
People will eventually get tired of your opinion and start looking for someone more neutral. Which also means that Keith should be the last choice to do Meet The Press. Not just for that reason but also for the reason that Keith can't do face to face confrontations. You have to be able to let opposing points of view in your world or it's going to remain Countdown.
Keith is Countdown. Not Meet The Press. And he, by no means, is a Tim Russert.
And this world, by God, is not all about Keith.

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