Monday, June 16, 2008

One Good Thing/One Not So Good Thing

There's only one good thing I can say at this moment about Keith. He did an excellent job covering the loss of Tim Russert. I'll give him kudos for that. It couldn't have been easy.
But what disturbs me the most is his lack of professionalism in jumping on Kos for support. I understand that he's a member of the group but does Keith really have no true friends to go to in this time of mourning?
Is bonehead or his co-workers not enough? If he had waited till today to address those people and said his thank you's then I wouldn't have thought much about it.
But these are viewers of his.
I'm not saying they don't have the right to express their sorrows or want Keith to comment but Keith couldn't wait to get that from them.
I think it's sad that he can't get the kind of support from his own people that he has to get it from his viewers.
But, maybe Keith is a very lonely guy and has to go somewhere. I'm not knocking it too much anymore. I think he has a lot of baggage that needs to be taken care of. And if this is the route he has to go then so be it.

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