Friday, June 27, 2008

Pick-me-up Bouquet

The bouquet, of course, being the DailyKos and the pick-me-up being all his pets. Do you really believe that Keith didn't post for two weeks because he was grieving? If you do then I have a bridge..blahblahblah.
Keith doesn't grieve for very long. It's not in his nature. But it is in his nature to speak of himself in the third person? WTF?

Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he's so transparent and incredibly stupid, but then, I get over it. Everybody started hatin' on him so he had to go somewhere to get love. You know? The kind he doesn't get at home? And what better place than the kennel of love?
I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but when there are those who are clearly being duped in order to fulfill his needs, and they don't see it, I find that disturbing.
Keith will use whatever means, and whoever he can find, to make himself look good. But whatever you do don't turn your back on him.

When he said he was gonna do a "brief" special comment, I laughed. Since when does Keith do "brief" special comments? Never. He's only doing this to scratch their itch just enough to keep them where he wants them. If he truly cared about how they feel then his "special comment" would be more than BRIEF.

Personally, I like the fact that he spends that much time on the computer. And at work. And at ballgames. This says everything you need to know about his "love" life. It's nonexistent. And if you think it isn't then you're living in a dream world.
Keith's love is for himself only. And he knows it. That's what makes him such a great manipulator.

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