Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Still An Eeeewwww Factor

I thank the commenter who informed me of that address being a business address and not a residential one. However, it doesn't change the eeeewww factor. It raised a question. Just how long has Keith known these people?
If he's known bonehead since she was born that makes things even worse. I'm thinking I read somewhere that Daddy has known Keith for quite a long time. This tells me that he has seen her as a teenager blossoming into "fullness". It also begs the question, just exactly what kinds of thoughts he had about her at the time?

I don't really care about Keith's tax woes. As I stated before, it's the principle of the thing. The more I learn about him and his relationship with this family the more disgusted I become. But not just with Keith. I'm disgusted with her and her family as well.
If a parent finds nothing wrong with this situation then they're just as bad/guilty as he is. If a child finds nothing wrong with having sex with a family friend, then putting those two factors together gives me one word to describe this. Incest. Yes, I know, they're not related so "officially" it's not considered that. But who the hell in their right mind would allow their child, or their "friend", to go to such lengths?
Unless money and career is involved. And then we come full circle, don't we? So as long as Keith's penis is happy then Daddy and daughter get whatever they want.

That's just downright disgusting, isn't it? Normally, I wouldn't keep bringing up Keith's little member of his own private family, but when someone gets on national television and lets thousands of people know he doesn't have a small penis, then it's pretty much open season. Every season.


Anonymous said...

He may think with "little Keith", but there's not much he can do with it...

flowergirl said...

Hehe. Apparently that doesn't stop him from making a giant fool out of himself.

Hopefully the day will come that he will see what he's doing and make it right.
He can still be happy with his career. Not to mention the fact that now it wouldn't be very difficult for him to find just about any woman he could possibly want.
But then I'm not so sure Keith wants to do what's right. Controversy is his food. Without it he wouldn't know how to be.