Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bravo Rachel

She will surely be missed. Countdown was so much better and more peaceful without Keith. Of course I still muted the boring parts, but the parts I did listen to were excellent. And her sense of humor surpasses Keith's by a long shot.
Great job.

Oh, and I did not miss Worst Persons In The World at all.

Are there just no more ballgames for him to attend?


Anonymous said...

From Gawker Stalker:

Keith Olbermann
Lexington Ave & 86th St

Jul 8th, 2008 @ 8pm

Last night, sat next to newsman/Bill O'Reilly nemesis Keith Olberman on the 4 train coming home from the Yankees game. He was gently disagreeing with a friend/9-11 conspiracy nut. He got off the 86th Street stop. Disheveled hair and a wild five o'clock shadow


Sounds like the little girl wasn't with him.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, someone had said that they never go out or they hardly ever go out.
Must be exciting to live with someone you're afraid to be seen with.

marinara said...

Check out the girl's latest. They're letting her sit in the studio with them now.
(Scroll down to "Mortgage Bank Shuts Out Homeowners")
She sure seems to like OD green. That 'blechy' dress she wore for the iPhone piece had an OD green floral print. She's very cute, I'll give her that. Much easier on the eyes than that other blonde with the huge grill that sticks out all over the place.

As for that Gawker bit, for so few words, there were so many things wrong with it. Keith said on Countdown recently that he doesn't have three friends. True, he has two: Joe Torre, and Dan Patrick. Neither one of them was with him on that train. Maybe the "friend" was Katy, but the poster did not wish to say so.

Can you imagine Keith "gently" disagreeing with someone? And on that particular topic? I don't know many people who still buy into the government's conspiracy theory about 9-11, but it saddens me to think that Keith does. I thought he was smarter than that.

Disheveled hair would be sexy for Keith, and who cares about a five o'clock shadow? He's on vacation!

flowergirl said...

I saw that piece she did in the studio. It wasn't bad. But when she sat down she leaned back to one side slumping. Not very lady-like. But then, I'm really beginning to think there isn't anything lady-like about her.

I'm not so sure Dan Patrick is really that much of a friend. I think Keith has "friendships" with some people but I seriously doubt they go to bbq's together.
And I can't even imagine Keith "gently" disagreeing with himself.

As for the government conspiracy theory about 9/11? I think Keith believes the same thing a lot of people do but he just likes to argue.hehe. Especially if somebody is saying something smarter than what he thought of.