Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gossipers and Liars and Other Things

I generally don't like to comment on these stories that the gossip rags like to print about Keith until Keith slits his own throat. But I do want to say this about those latest "tales"?
If Keith was throwing a hissy fit over ketchup or not getting first class seats on a train, plane or automobile, where is bonehead in all of this?
Usually when a celebrity makes a fool of himself in front of "people" then not only do the rags rag on that celebrity they also mention that celebrity's gf and how they reacted to the situation.
Nothing was mentioned at all about bonehead. So this begs two questions. Are they lying or does Keith not take her with him when he goes anywhere other than ballgames?

I think it's funny that the gossip rags are picking on Keith. I figure, if he can dish it out he better be prepared to take it. However, if he was smart he would let his PR person take care of these "gossips" and not let himself get involved by getting on national television and making a complete ass out of everybody can pick at it even more.

Also, Keith seems to be under the impression that he's dating a younger woman. First off, it's not dating anymore when you start living with them. And secondly, as long as she lives with someone who has the mentality of a 12 year old, she will never be a woman.
He also needs to keep in mind that when he posts, and comments, on the DailyKos that it's a public forum. Everybody can read what he says. So it's probably wise for him to stop telling little white lies on there.
There's always gonna be somebody out there that's going to catch that lie.

And now for ratings.
So much for getting the younger audience. Hmm, I guess sleeping with a child didn't work. Also, isn't it kind of odd that the demo is 25-54 and yet his average audience is 59???
You figure it out.

Breaking News! Old People Watch TV
Earlier this week, FishbowlLA's Tina Dupuy picked up on this Variety story about the rising median age of TV watchers as a whole. Her takeaway: "Honey, I wish you would turn that TV off — go outside and enjoy your mid-life crisis."
One cable news related bit:
Among ad-supported cable nets, the news nets (along with older-skewing Hallmark Channel, Golf Channel and GSN's daytime sked) sport the most gray, with Fox News Channel's daytime and primetime skeds the absolute oldest, clocking in with a median age above 65.
What does it mean? Who knows. FNC is still the #1 cable news network in Total Viewers by far (likely skewing the average) and, once again, tops in the all-important A25-54 demo. And CNN's median age is over 60 as well, while Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's best show in the A25-54 demo, has an average age of 59.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I sent a message to J$ when that age thing came out today that I stated when TVNEWSCRAPER came up with this phoney demo that it was just that, PHONEY! It was made for Oral"wo"mann by the bald one, Stelter or whatever his name is. Not hard to figure out it was and is a phoney demo. I have a 25 year old son and WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON, LOL and I'm 45. Thus proving the demo a JOKE. have now booked marked your site. Enjoyed reading the post.

flowergirl said...


Yeah, I didn't get it. But then, I don't understand that ratings demo crap.
All I know is that according to the large numbers, which I figure is closer to the real total amount, Keith's viewers have dropped off big time.
Now it could be that it's Summertime and a lot of people are on vacation..but that's a lot of people.
If you hold steady for a long time over 1 million viewers and then suddenly drop more than 50 thousand then you obviously are losing their interest.
Countdown has become very predictable and repetitive, and Keith has become even more whiney than before.
But unlike J$ and the OW gang I don't want Countdown to end or Keith off the air.

Marinara said...

He wants kids! How's he gonna have kids with someone nearer his own age? He need a young'un for that.

No, they rarely go anywhere together. Too many stares, rude questions, etc. Keith went to Russert's memorial alone.

The ketchup thing was crap, but he did intend to take the train--only to find that NBC bigwigs only bought tickets for a few of the other bigwigs--not him! So he had to hire a limo service to get him there.

flowergirl said...


It's kind of hard to have kids if you don't spend much time with the person you want to get pregnant.
And, of course, we all know that it takes him a while to do the deed.
So apparently all she's good for is to be there whenever he wants somebody.

I believe that they very rarely go anywhere together.
It's pretty sad when you're ashamed of the things you do, but you just keep on doing them.

marinara said...

Takes him a while to do the deed? I'll bet it takes him less than a minute. She just got a new job, she doesn't want to get preggers right now, anyway.

I wouldn't assume he always has that "softening" problem, based on what that little tramp from Florida said. She scared him. Something she said or did, that's why he couldn't get it up that time, and why he wouldn't stay with her any longer than he had to. Just long enough to get his blow job and go. Way more to that story than what she told.

I just watched Katy's latest at CW11. She's not bad, but you can definitely tell she has less experience than the other reporters. Too bouncy, smiles a little too much, and this time, she missed two cues. When the camera came back to her, she didn't know, so she just stood there, poor thing. I haven't seen that happen to her before. If there's a red light on those things like with studio cameras, I don't see how she could have missed it. Maybe a person was supposed to cue her and didn't. That would be a way some co-worker who didn't like her could make her look like an idiot, eh?

flowergirl said...

Poor thing? Hehe, I hope you were being sarcastic.
I don't feel a bit sorry for her in any way shape or form.

I thought about her getting pregnant and trying to "get her career going" and how it would put a damper on it.
I don't know. There's just something not right about that relationship. It's too convenient.

Anyway, you're probably right about the "less than a minute" thing. I remember him talking to Monica Novotny once and at the same time he was crumpling up a piece of paper too soon. He then stated that he crumpled too soon and kind of chuckled and said that some people accuse him of crumpling too soon.
I couldn't believe he said something like that on national television. But it sure spoke volumes.

Nitta said...

When did Keith say he wanted to have kids? He just doesn’t seem like the parenting type. Maybe it’s because he’s so dysfunctional and odd.

flowergirl said...

Sorry it took so long to publish your comment. Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week.

Keith has stated numerous times that he wants kids. He even told Dan Patrick on the radio that he wanted kids.
That's when Dan told him that if he had a kid out of wedlock he would never talk to him again.
But you're right. He is not parent material. It would be insane for him to reproduce. Not so much for him but for the poor child who would be raised by an egotistical jerk.