Friday, July 18, 2008

Making A Bet

I would love to make a bet with Keith. I would bet him that he couldn't go through a whole week without poking at anything or anybody associated with FOX. If he could do that then I would turn this site into a love fest for him.


marinara said...

Aw, give him a break, Flowergirl! He only said one thing about FOX tonight, and it was only about Billo, who is a stupid dumbass. I found it acceptable.

flowergirl said...

Oh, I will never deny that BillO is a dumbass, and the way Keith presents his stupidity to the public is rather funny, but is it wrong to want Keith to ride on his own merits rather than the failures of someone elses?

marinara said...

"...but is it wrong to want Keith to ride on his own merits..."

Of course not, but when he does, he's accused of 'making it all about himself'. Geez, the guy can't win for losing.

flowergirl said...

I agree, he can't win for losing. But unfortunately he brought all of this on himself.

Had he not been so adamant about attacking his rivals I don't think any of this ever would've happened.

With the exception of OW. I believe it was created on the basis of Keith's political stances. So they don't really count. They're going to attack him no matter what he does.

I figure the only way Keith is going to get out of this mess, assuming he would want to, is to just stop attacking BillO and FOX or anybody in the news business he doesn't like.