Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living In The Past

That was the caption for last night's brief story about McCain forgetting that Czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore. I thought that was kind of funny considering that Keith lives in the past almost every day. Of course, I can't really say that he was the one who put that caption up there but it makes for a good story. ;
Obviously, I'm not a McCain supporter, but it does get a bit old listening to the bashing over and over again. I mute the t.v. quite often. If the caption looks good then I'll listen to it.
But living in the past is something that Keith rides on all the time. He got fired from FOX, and yes, they suck, but Keith constantly puts them down. Get over it, right? He's not gonna do that.
He also has this strange hateness for Laura Ingraham. Whom he can't seem to get enough of. Living in the past.

The more he works with Dan Patrick the more he remains in the past. Just read the majority of the comments of those who thinks it's wonderful those two are getting to work on television together again.
I say this because, yes, Keith is a hypocrite. He can dish it out but nobody is allowed to throw it back. And if they do throw it back he acts as if it hurts his feelings. Well, boohoo!

The Tony Snow situation is unfortunate but it's a minor incident in a long line of flame throwing that Keith started. It's one thing to stand up to the bullies and be a hero, but it's a whole other ballgame when you become the bully.
It frustrates me that Keith can't see it. Or won't see it. He covers his ears and closes his eyes to the fact that the bullies are fighting back to his bullying.
So Keith will live in the past as long as he thinks it's fun to bully.

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