Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tsk Tsk

What a fucking ass liar. I do believe the part about Monty Python but Keith didn't really start saying shit like that until he started sleeping with children. He bashes older women's ages more than you can count and very rarely says anything about himself being too old for children.
If you believe what he said then you're a fool. Need I remind you that he said a group of his fans were no JLo's but more like Leona Helmsley's.
He wants everybody to believe that he's not being sexist when he says things like that when in reality..yes he is. He use to bash older guys with younger girls all the time but he doesn't do it anymore. So that was a fucking lie.
Liar liar pants on fire.


Anonymous said...

Olbytard can not relate to an educated and mature woman. That said relation is an educated and mature woman would have nothing to do with this fat ass. Dudes like this boy have trouble getting it up because there world is based on hatred and bomb throwing. We now know he has a nervous disorder usually related to women, a twithing in his legs. Couple that with the tingling in Mathews legs when he hears Obama seak and I find it quite funny. Olbytard with a woman's disorder and Mathews too stupid to realize the tingling in his legs are the ants running away from Olbytard. Flame throwers never last. Olbytards days is soon. He has tanked. No Meet the Press host position for him. He is th eonly person stupid enough to take a job against a show MSNBC knows they can;t beat, The Factor. Olbytard is a sacraficial offering laid at the feet of Bill O'Reilly every night. Watching Olby insults the senses. I don't know whether to throw up at his goofy mug or throw up what comes out from that hole under his nose that somehow looks more and more like the anus on my beagle (sorry Henry). I think it would be an improvement if they shaved Keith's ass and made him kneel on his desk with his butt to the camera and paint a couple of eye balls on the cheeks of his ass. It is also insulting to listen to the garbage that is sprung from his hole to think anyone is that stupid to not only sit and liston to it but acutally beleive it.

Blacksburg, SC

flowergirl said...

Hmmm, one would think you hate Keith.