Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Shocked, I Tell You. Shocked.

Keith doesn't have a shy bone in his body. He's just an asshole. What a surprise, huh?



marinara said...

This is the only thing that surprised me about this story:

"I remember he had an assistant back then named Brian whom he made go out and buy presents for other people. Brian did, with his own money, and of course Keith never reimbursed him."

Damn, maybe he is a Jew!

Camille said...

yes, "brusque" - the most polite way to call someone an ass -

flowergirl said...

If I remember correctly I believe Keith had mentioned "Brian" before, a long time ago. So I pretty much believe what these people had to say about him.

I've said many many times that Keith is not a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Notice he hasn't denied this story or made them WPITW. He doesn't want to draw attention to this story because it's true. Of special interest is that none of his fan sites have discussed this. They simply ignore anything unpleasant about him then pat themselves on the back for how smart they are. He plays them like a violin. But truth always has an ugly way of outing itself doesn't it?

kelliknows said...

Well, now we know what he saw in Laura Ingram...she's him, with boobs.

flowergirl said...


Anonymous said...


Absolutely unbelievable and inexcusable! I thought you had some sense, but that last line just blew any faith I had in you.

I expect bigotry from the likes of Fox News, but not from people who claim to be liberal or at least somewhat left leaning. I'm very disappointed and offended.

Why use and perpetuate stereotypes like this? What's the point? Why not say, "Damn, maybe he is an asshole!"?

Any why am I the only one who noticed this?

flowergirl said...

I'm gonna give her the opportunity to defend herself, but if this turns into a big fight I won't post your comments.
I understand your frustrations towards what she said but let's try not to attack each other.


Anonymous said...

When did I claim I was a liberal?
If you don't like my comments, feel free to skip over them in the future. Flame out by yourself if you want. That's all I have to say about it.

marinara said...

Flowergirl, I posted as marinara, but you made me anonymous.

flowergirl said...

Actually, you came out as anonymous. I can't change your name. Even if I could, or knew how, I wouldn't.

I figured it was you anyway.