Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank You, Bob Costas

Dan Patrick: "If Bob didn't sign off on this, there's no way I'd walk into the room."

Well, thank God, somebody has some brains in this situation. When I heard this news on Countdown tonight my first thought was that Keith is trying to weasel his way to the front of the line.
Bob may be shorter than Keith but he's so much bigger in so many ways. Thank you Bob Costas for being the leader.

But I have to touch on that particular statement made by Dan Patrick. Do you think Keith would be mature enough to say something like that regarding his own career moves? I don't think so.
It would be more like, "If you don't give me what I want I'll tell on you".

This should be very interesting indeed.


marinara said...

I loved seeing Keith on FNIA. I love football, and I love Keith, too, even though he pisses me off a lot. I used to enjoy listening to DP and KO together on their radio show. I'm hoping this will be even better.

flowergirl said...

Keith is gonna have to watch his p's and q's a little bit more closely this go 'round.
Television isn't radio and it's not ESPN.

I thought he did okay last year but he looked out of place and uncomfortable. Maybe Dan will change that.
Hell, maybe Dan can knock some sense into him.

marinara said...

He did look uncomfortable at first. I think that was because Chris Collinsworth made him uncomfortable, but they made their peace, and things went well for him on FNIA after that.

flowergirl said...

Though I believe he and Cris had some issues I still think that Keith didn't really find a relaxed place until just before the end of the season. And that's questionable.

But I'm looking forward to this season to see if Keith can hold his tongue a little better.