Friday, July 25, 2008

Just A Reminder

I thought I would post this just as a reminder that Keith isn't all that he claims to be.

Guerrero is shrewd enough to know that her looks have enhanced her TV career, yet seemingly naïve in believing that posing in scanties or low-cut halters won't damage the journalistic credentials she proudly describes. Keith Olbermann, whose time at FSN overlapped with Guerrero's, suggested that the ''Monday Night'' announcers Al Michaels and John Madden ''resign in protest'' and that Guerrero ''can pose in Maxim but can't come back into the credibility pool.''
Guerrero declined to comment on Olbermann's criticism.
Fred Gaudelli, producer of ''Monday Night,'' said: ''Keith Olbermann's history speaks for itself. Any opinion rendered by him is the opinion of a troubled man.''


DF said...

His loyal fans who defend him no matter what he says or does just can't bring themselves to admit what the smarter among us figured out a long time ago: he's a sexist pig.

flowergirl said...

I could almost guarantee you that if his boss was a woman he would quit his job.