Monday, July 21, 2008

Keith In A Box

A pre-recorded box at that. Did he look extremely stiff or what? And his makeup looked horrible. Poor guy. They didn't let him shower before he slipped into something uncomfortable.

That was just awful. Countdown would've been much better had Keith not even done it tonight.
I'm sure he probably wanted to make an appearance but the first half hour seemed very unprepared.

Once Rachel took over it was smooth sailing. I'm starting to really like her. Of course, I turned away when Michael Musto came on. His head is too big for his body. Yuk.


marinara said...

Looks like Keith just got a haircut. And he looked a little sweaty, too. Definitely not enough make up to cover what looked like razor burn(?). Oh well, at least he didn't look orange. Must be hotter in LA than NY.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, he definitely looked sweaty.

Maybe it's just me but I never thought he looked orange. I always thought he had on waaaay too much dark makeup for his fair complexion. It's gotten much better.
But he obviously didn't take his makeup person with him to LA.

KTT said...

razor burn? No more lip rash from his latest conquest.