Monday, September 8, 2008

And So It Continues...

I wonder how many more versions we're going to get until all of the truth comes out.
It can't be fun being in Keith's skin right now. But then, I figure it wouldn't be fun being Keith period.

I don't see a "special comment" coming. According to this article, Keith is out of politics...more or less.


Anonymous said...

What was up during the last segment tonight? I realize he had moved across the street from the Countdown studio to the GE Bldg for Rachel Maddow's show, but he was really emphasizing his concern about whether his mic was open -- like maybe there wasn't a problem but it was a chance to take a dig at someone because of the open mic issues at the DNC.

flowergirl said...

I just barely caught that. I turn away when there's a commercial on and sometimes I don't get back in time to see the beginning of the next segment.

He had to go across the street?hehe.
I saw part of the mic situation, which on my t.v. their speaking wasn't in sinc with their mouths.
But that was the most bizarre segment I have ever seen. It wasn't even close to being professional. But, maybe they didn't want it to be.

Keith didn't really look that comfortable tonight. Hmm, I wonder why.

marinara said...

He started that segment three times, evidently, because someone told him his mic was off. So, yes he was concerned about whether or not he had an open mic. He wanted it to be open. That's all that was.

Keith didn't look comfortable because he is under stress. He is feeling that people are laughing at him, pitying him, or gloating over what's happened. Probably all three. His mind is working on how he can convince himself that this wasn't his own doing. He'll soon get around to selling that at D/Kos, just you wait.

The people above Griffin are also angry with him, so he didn't dare try that "I'll quit if you don't do what I want" shit, because they would have told him "go right ahead". Now that would be news! Then all the people Keith hates would gloat over his fate while proclaiming "I told you so!"

He hates the thought of that, more than anything. That's why he looks uncomfortable. He's not used to doing what he's told. He has to this time, because he's gone and painted himself into a corner. And the worst thing of all for Keith? If he quits MSNBC in a snit, everyone will find out that all--or most--of the shit that the Post has been printing about him is true.

flowergirl said...

Okay, thanks for the update on that mic situation.

Oh, I figured him being uncomfortable had a lot to do with recent events. I was just being sarcastic.