Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Priority Update

It's been a while since I put Keith's priorities on here. So much has happened since the last time so I will update it.

Money, Job, Baseball, Kos, Football(Dan Patrick), Katy.

If Keith's came to him and told him that he would have to get rid of Katy in order to maintain his job status he would be upset but I think the choice would be very clear.
If he had to make a choice between Kos and Katy Kos would win.
If she told him she would leave him if he didn't stop doing Football he would tell her, "There's the door, but let me remind you of how difficult it's going to be out there without me."
That's the way people like him think. She is not a significant part of his life. He knows that he's at a point in his life where he can have just about any woman he chooses, and it wouldn't surprise me if he's dangled that in her face a time or two.
Poor thing. She's so not getting it. But I think she will...eventually.


Hate the Playa and the Game said...

Once a dog, always a dog. My guess, right or wrong, is that Katy is probably not his only diversion. I'm sure there are more on the side, somewhere, whether they are full-blown affairs or simply flirations, but someone like him who can't even say they love you to someone or admit they are in love with someone when asked isn't the kind of guy who is going to give up multiple relationships.

flowergirl said...

Or as some people might think, Keith is too "shy" to say it in public.
This I don't believe. I think that if he truly feels it he's going to say it.

Anonymous said...

I hate to put a damper on this, but Katy would have absolutely no right to tell him to stop doing any of those jobs..those jobs supported her and enabled her to get a job she never could've on her own. Those jobs housed, fed, maybe clothed her and moved her stubby self to NY--without those high powered jobs KO adores, she would have no identity except that young girl who looks like an amateur.

LMAO said...

Since when is Olbermann "too shy" to gloat or talk about things he shouldn't talk about on-air? Whoever these "some people" are, they don't know Keith very well at all.

flowergirl said...

Oh, I don't believe she would ask him to do that either. It was just merely stating a "what would happen if" scenario.

The reason I say some people thinks he "too shy" is because there are a lot of people out there that think Keith is uncomfortable talking about how he feels personally about love.
These are the same people who believes he loves her.
I have yet to hear it. Just because someone says something nice about the person they live with doesn't mean they are in love.
It keeps harkening back to Dan Patrick's question that nobody seems to want to remember.
Dan: Do you love her?
Keith: I don't want to talk about this anymore. Let's change the subject.