Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh, This Is Rich

I wonder if this comment was to help himself feel better or an excuse as to why Rachel's ratings have gone up.
Keith has no shame. So I would guess that he's trying to make himself feel better. If she continues to knock him down in the ratings he won't be applauding her that loudly. Eventually everybody will tune him out and turn him off. Mostly because they'll get tired of his whining and bashing and fighting with co-workers.
He just can't hold a candle to her where personality and attitude are concerned. She's nice and he's just plain mean.
However, he might want to be paying more attention to his little girl rather than being so concerned about his ratings.


marinara said...

He just doesn't know when to shut up, does he? He never should have responded to any speculation about personality clashes between he and Rachel, or said a word about the ratings. Makes him look desperate.

And just try putting a comment like this in the thread, you'll get HR'd out of existence.

flowergirl said...

I agree. But you have to ask, why? Why is it so important for him to say these things? Is there someone there he feels the need to convince?
I'm starting to think that Keith isn't doing this just to be talking to someone. Hell, if he wants to talk to someone he can talk to Katy. Or is she not enough?
These comments from him are becoming suspicious to me.
He's too quick in responding about trivial things.