Monday, September 8, 2008

Hate To Say I Told Ya So, But....

Keith doesn't run MSNBC. He never has and he never will. I didn't buy it when it was first mentioned and I didn't buy it when it kept on going.

I had the feeling that his attitude during the conventions was gonna get him in trouble. And it doesn't surprise me that he would say "it was his idea" to make that move. Because you see, nothing is ever Keith's fault but everything is his idea.

"Phil and I have debated this set-up since late winter/early spring (with me saying, 'Are you sure this flies?' and him saying, 'Yes, but let's judge it event by event') and I think we both reached the same point during the RNC," Olbermann said by e-mail.

Of course you did. But at what point did Phil say, "Keith, you've gone too far and we can't have this sort of thing going on. So I'm taking you off of the lead and making you a flunky, along with Chris."

The fact is, Keith can't get along with anybody..and this goes with his live-in. He doesn't know how to maintain that focus on humanity. He doesn't know how to handle his sudden rise to stardom. And he can't function outside his own mind/ego.

One of the main problems with this whole entire situation is his association with Kos. I'm not saying Kos is a bad place but it's not a place for someone like Keith.
People who talk too much never listen. And they sure as hell don't understand. That is Keith in a nutshell.
He's so busy trying to make himself the best anybody has ever encountered but that causes him to miss the aroma of the roses. Which, in turn, feeds the haters and makes them the happiest people on earth.

Hmm, maybe that's what he wants. Misery loves company?

My advice? You need to stop providing everybody with so much information about yourself. Do your job and get away from Kos.
And try try try to give an opinion without being an asshole towards your colleaques.


Anonymous said...

Keith is a bore to watch and a whinny loser. Good riddance. I'm amazed by MSNBC's continual ablility to lower the bar on what they expect from their channel. He has shitty ratings and he is their "brand" identity. What a joke. Hey Keith, how does it feel to be demoted?

flowergirl said...

Apparently riding on Keith kind of backfired.
If you put a lot of stock on a loose cannon you will most certainly lose the battle and ultimately, the war.

Do these people really believe that he was going to change his notorious past behaviors for there future?
Keith doesn't change for anybody. In fact, I would say he's gotten worse.

david w mowry said...

after michelle obamas speech at the dnc, olbermann's first words were "case closed". That no longer could mrs.obama be questioned for her comments about are country. Then he stated after hillary and bill's speeches, that all the democrats were united. Concerning obama's speech, Olbermann stated it was one of best all time. he seemed like a cheerleader at the conclusion of a homecoming football win. Then there is the rnc, where keith seemed almost in pain to credit gov.Palin's speech..."it was good if you like that kind of thing". The bias of both Olbermann and chris matthews was so blatant it was humerous to me. I am an independent voter who has voted for bill clinton and G.W. Msnbc has turned me, my friends and family away from their programs, news or not. After watching keith and chris together, one could only conclude that they have great love for everyone associated with the dnc and pure hatred for anyone from the rnc. By doing this they have violated every rule concerning actual reporting of the news, especially rule #1.. get it right, with honest reporting of facts. These 2 so called nonpartisan commentaters, have hurt their company and ruined their reputations as well as driven hundreds of thousands viewers away from their station. Both of these men owe an apology to us the viewers and their company, which im sure wont happen because they are so egotistical. Its a shame really.

flowergirl said...

Keith apologize? LOL.

I'm sorry to read you voted for Bush but I won't judge you.
You obviously have a real concern for the bias in MSNBC and it's well understood by many on the "left".
I vote Democrat almost all the time but this doesn't make me want to go and give Keith a big kiss for what he's doing.
I don't mind so much him dogging Republicans but he shouldn't have done it during the convention.
However, there is an exception.
I agree whole heartedly with his assessment of the use of 9/11 on what was an obvious attempt to sway voters.

But Keith is definitely in Obama's pocket, and after listening to some of the interview with him tonight, my first thought was that Keith should become part of his campaign.
He's so incredibly in awe of Obama that I fear if McCain wins he will explode.
Of course, this would be fun to watch. I would be pissed if McCain wins but if Keith goes ballistic it might take some of the anger off of me. ;-)

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

But I'm my biggest fan. And I love me. I love me more than anything else. You make it sound as if it's a bad thing. And I still totally run MSNBC as long as Phil Griffin is the alleged Prez there. He's my bitch and he knows it. And I like having people under my thumb. And they should be! I'm smarter. Funnier. And a million other adjectives of wonderfulness that is the genius of Keith Olbermann's Ego!