Saturday, September 6, 2008

Did He Clap His Hands?

Olbermann calls it, "the reporting equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese,"

This was what Keith said about all those balloons around Andrea Mitchell.

Here's an old guy who has no children and lives with a girl young enough to be his child. So I'm thinking he took her to Chuck E. Cheese several times. How else would he know what goes on there? Unless he goes by himself. And that I would believe.


Donna said...

I was surprised to hear him say that too. How often does he cruise these establishments? Is that where he first met Katy?

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

I was merely taking childish delight in the festivities. Mainly that they were over and I could go home. Oh, right. I was already home. Whatever. Anyway, yeah sure I've taken Katy to Chuckie's a time or three. She's easily amused. So am I for that matter. Wanna make something of it?

marinara said...

Someone else probably suggested he say that. Keith has no idea what Chuck E. Cheese is. That's for common people and trailer trash.

Katy has another story on CW11, "NYC man throws girlfriends dog out window." She is wearing the same dress she wore for "NYC Takes on School Bullies", the last spot she did. Jesus! She must not be having sex with Keith because I think he's making her pay room and board, so she doesn't have enough money left over for new clothes.

flowergirl said...

She does wear the same crap over and over again.
If she was doing more reports than what she is then I could understand but it's only two or three a week. And sometimes not even that much.
So why continue to vocus on one section of your "enormous" closet?
Didn't Keith say he had to clean out two closets for her shit?
They must be small closets.

But it wouldn't surprise me if he's making her pay room and board.

Donna, LOL. Yeah, he did meet her at Chuck E. Cheese when she was a toddler. I think he's known her since she was born.
He probably played boyfriend to her then too.

Just Saying said...

If I were Dan Patrick I'd keep my girls far, far, far away from Keith. Just saying.

flowergirl said...

If I'm correct, Dan Patrick had mentioned something like that to Keith about staying away from his daughters.
I would like to think he was just joking but you never know.
I know he rode Keith big time about his "relationship" with Katy.

But then, nobody could possibly understand her more than Keith. It takes an adolescent behavior and he's full of it.

donna said...

One more reason to like Dan Patrick: he knows Keith is full of it.