Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rachel Maddow and CNN

I think from now until after the election I will be skipping Countdown and watching Rachel's show and recording the debates off of CNN. I will also watch the election on CNN.

Letting Keith loose on politics is like giving the car keys to an alcoholic. He doesn't know what the hell he's doing.
Countdown has become boring and predictable. I actually miss the stupid fluff stories on celebrities. And oddball is almost non existent.
Hopefully, after the election, Countdown will go back to what it use to be. I'm not holding my breath on it though.


marinara said...

He brought up Rachel's ratings again tonight, like he has to keep mentioning it, or people will think he's pissed off about her getting better ratings than he does.

Keith has a lot to report on, if he'd just look! He's letting the politicians have their say about this suck-ass bail out bill, but what do regular Americans think? They hate it! I want to hear about that.

Anonymous said...

just an observation..KO was on Letterman (figure this was Letterman's ultimate revenge on McCain for noshow)..but photos outside show KO didn't bring squatty little Katy.. that's a first..she always tagged along in the past and bitched about the photogs..hmm..

flowergirl said...


He's an insecure one, isn't he? I couldn't believe he showed up on Rachel's show. My first thought was, "WTF".
I wonder if she asked him to be on or if he asked her. It seems as if her ratings are bothering him a lot.

And I agree, there's a whole lot more to talk about than just how much he hates the Republicans.
He doesn't care what the people think about what's going on only what the politicians and his guests think.


She was probably too busy partying. And taking pictures of her partying.
Funny, how she never wants to be seen with him.

flowergirl said...

Oops, I forgot to ask.
Do you have a link to those photos?

Anonymous said...

Rachel is the most annoying person on television....she makes my skin crawl ...she is like that horrid guy on the food network, how could someone with a personality like this on TV??????

flowergirl said...

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that don't like Rachel.