Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sado Masochism or Low Self Esteem?

Merriam Webster describes happiness as being a state of well-being and contentment.
It's hard for a dictionary to describe what happiness truly is but it's close. What they don't mention is that happiness comes from the inside out not the outside in.
I bring this up because Keith stated on numerous occasions that he's the happiest he's ever been. Really? He could've fooled me. Happy people generally don't belittle and berate others in order to make themselves feel better. That's called low self esteem. How can someone be happy if they are constantly hurting others? Well, okay, then that would be sadomasochism. Would it not?

I have yet to see Keith's great happiness. Laughing doesn't constitute happiness. Snapping at your colleagues doesn't either. So where is this happiness he was so inclined to share with others?
I don't see it and I don't hear it. Especially not in the past couple of weeks. His smug attitude towards others, and his insatiable desire to have his ass kissed by Kos, is a clear sign of someone who is not content.

So maybe Keith is both. A sadomasochist and has low self esteem. It's been obvious that he loves to hurt people's feelings. Maybe he gets off on other people's pain. And it's been pretty obvious that his low self esteem has awarded him "new" friends he can call his own. Friends who will praise him to the point of his great smugness.

I just don't believe that Keith knows what happiness is. Unless his kind of happiness is misery. And I say, well, if misery is your calling, Keith, then you should go all out.


Donna B said...

Happy to him is being miserable. The more he can screw up his life, the happier he apparently is. Love usually softens most people. If he's in love as he claims to be then why is he snapping the heads off of his coworkers and guests? It does make you wonder doesn't it?

marinara said...

His behavior has been much better since they got him away from the other MSNBC "personalities". He's even been much easier on the Repubs than he could have been. Certainly, he is much more muted than I was expecting.

He operates best cocooned by himself in a studio. I'm sure he thinks he's the head spider at the center of the web, but I see him as being in a cocoon. No, not the kind that later produces a beautiful butterfly.

Watching the coverage tonight though, I see a new Keith tactic emerging. When he goes to Tweety, and they're on a split screen, he starts off like he's going to ask Tweety a question, then goes on and on, leaving the supposed question behind, giving his opinion, then closing remarks, saying "goodnight" and signing off. All Tweety could do was nod, blink and purse his lips. He stayed quiet because he was waiting for Keith to finish his question and give his response, but that moment never came. I'll be watching for that tonight as well, and see if he continues this or does it to anyone else.

marinara said...

Oh, BTW, Katy's back! "NYC Takes On School Bullies". She's wearing that same ugly dress she wore for the iPhone spot.

flowergirl said...

Donna B, I have yet to hear him, or read, where he's admitted he's in love. I just don't believe it.
Infatuated? Yes. In love? The only person Keith is in love with is Keith.

Marinara, I haven't watched a whole lot of the Republican convention but from what I have seen he has toned it down some.

And thanks for the update of Katy.

Donna B said...

How long have they been living together? 2 years or so? And she hasn't killed him yet? I wonder what kind of drugs that requires on her part exactly?

flowergirl said...

LOL. It hasn't been quite two years yet. She's still very young and naive and I seriously doubt she understands him.
Eventually she's going to realize he's manipulating her.