Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poor Thing

She is just not a happy camper. Again. It must be difficult living in his shadow. She will always be nothing and a nobody as long as she stays with someone who can't even control his own life.
Do I feel sorry for her? Sometimes. But most of the time I think she should've known better than to jump into bed with someone she didn't even know.
Now she's paying the price for many past sad days and many more sad days to come. Eventually, she'll be the one who will need the psychiatrist.


marinara said...

She seemed OK to me. She was covering a weird story, so she couldn't be all happy and bubbly. Maybe she was uncomfortable with the subject matter.

We'll see how she is if she gets a story where she should be happy & bubbly, but isn't.

That would confirm for me that when Keith is under stress, he's mean to her.

flowergirl said...

Sorry, I have to disagree with your assessment.
Her whole entire demeanor has changed over the past several weeks.
Granted, that wasn't a story to be bubbly over but that girl had sadness all over her face. It wasn't a sad story. Frustrating, yes.

As for being mean to her? I think it happens quite often. I just don't believe he can be mean to his co-workers and then be all sweet at home.
He doesn't have that in him.

marinara said...

You're probably right, FG, but she's not on enough to make that conclusion yet. I'd like to see a couple more of her spots first. Keith probably doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt, but it could be some of Katy's co-workers that are making her unhappy. But if it is Keith that's making her sad, then he's treating her the same way he treated Suzy Kolber when they worked together.

I guess giving this a couple more years was too generous an estimate.
If I were Keith, I'd be worried about what she'd say about me after leaving. But if she really is the kind of person you think she is, she'll take money to keep quiet about all his "shortcomings".

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I don't think she would be too inclined to "spill the beans" about their relationship when it's over.
He made her and he can break her. And it wouldn't surprise me if he has mentioned that to her on several occasions.

marinara said...

If Katy was a "made woman" she'd have a lot more success than this crummy job that Keith probably did get for her.

As for breaking her, he might break her spirit, temporarily, but other than that, she has nothing else to lose. No reputation, no money, and not too many clothes, either. If he threw her out, she could always go back to mom and dad.

And I thought of another thing. If he is being a bastard to her, why doesn't he consider that she might tell her folks how he really is, and that they, in turn, would tell their Hollywood friends, who would tell others, and on and on, until it got to the Post, then spread from there? I know Keith was humiliated by KarmaBites1 for his behavior towards her. Do you think he will make the same mistake again?

flowergirl said...

I don't think he would make the same mistake again. There could be a "clause" in that so called relationship.
I suspect she really doesn't have many friends, if any at all anymore.

I'm not so sure she would be more successful. She's extremely young and easy and Keith knows this. I think he would stand in her way of any more success than what she has.
He's not going to let her become more than what she is as long as they're together.
I believe this wholeheartedly because I feel Keith is chauvinistic.

But you're kind of right about her reputation. If there is one it isn't a good one.
If you live with someone who clearly has a bad reputation then it's going to spill over onto you.
And it may be that her co-workers don't really like her. Which wouldn't surprise me because I've heard that she's a bitch.
If that's the case she's not making any friends fast. And she has no right to be upset or sad about that.
But like I said, she's young and young people believe they know everything and are invincible.

I just get the feeling, once she becomes her own person, she'll be out of there. Either by him kicking her out or her realizing he's not all that he's telling her.

marinara said...

Hey Flower, Katy's got another spot showing on CW11, "Major Banking Institution Needs Help".

She was pretty good. Clothing adequate, attitude good, arm-waving nearly stopped, and no head-bobbing. Could be the Unhappy Camper was an anomaly?

flowergirl said...

PMS? There's no telling why she wasn't happy that day.
But if she's doing better then that's a good thing.

marinara said...

She got another in-studio report to do on this financial meltdown. She did well. A very good showing for her.

flowergirl said...

I kind of agree with you. It was a good report and she did well, but she had that "runaway bride" look in her eyes.
Or "deer in the headlights" look.
I thought her eyeballs were going to pop out of her head.

But, aside from that, she's definitely getting better. Or she was good in this one and the one you had told me about earlier.