Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Night's Countdown

That was one of the worst Countdown's I have seen yet. Does Keith not realize how stupid he looks sitting there writing out a check on national television? Or is it that nobody would actually believe him if he just said he sent them a check?

By him doing that it just solidifies the fact that he can't relate to your average American. He wants to "fit in" but he makes too much money, which, by the way, he makes it known quite often.
How can you trust somebody to help those less fortunate when someone so obviously rich is making it a point to show you how rich he is? Just because he donated to the "special" needs people doesn't make him a "good" person. He obviously needed a reason to do it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done it.

The show was lame. But the worst of it goes to Keith's attempt to make everybody think he really cares.


marinara said...

Off topic for this thread, FG, hope you don't mind. I found that other blog I mentioned in an earlier topic.

This woman was a member of KarmaBites1's hate blog, and she took a bunch of screen shots. She was only active for 2 months, but there are plenty of posts, and many, many, comments. Enjoy!

flowergirl said...

I remember that one.

In my opinion there was just way too much fighting going on in the name of Keith.
I think you had stated once that he wasn't worth that much attention and I agree.
It seems as if Keith is really good at causing unrest in a bunch of women.

Anonymous said...

He couldn't make a show if he didn't whip out his checkbook on air now could he? He expects his fans to be breathlessly excited about such displays because of course they're all obsessed with all things Olbermann. Duh.

flowergirl said...

Hehe. By joe, I think you're right.