Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel After The Debate

I got home Friday night just in time to watch Rachel do a live show so I watched her before watching the debate. After her show I only watched 15 minutes of the debate because I just couldn't handle McCain. He sounds too much like Bush and I won't listen to Bush at all.
Rachel, though, had me riveted. She's very informative and breaks everything down. And isn't afraid to talk to the scary Republicans. I enjoyed the show a lot.
Unlike Keith who spends more time on himself and bashing those who don't fit his mold. She clearly IS the breath of fresh air.

It may just be me but ever since the party girl moved in with Keith he's forgotten how to live. It use to be that he would call in sick quite often at work, but now he spends more time working.
Is it that he doesn't want to spend time with her? Think about it.
When he didn't have a girlfriend he didn't work that much. Now that he does, he's never at home..with her. They're never "photographed" together. And you never hear about her with him when the rags rag on him.

Keith is a sick puppy that will never heal. But thank God for Rachel because without her MSNBC would truly suck.


marinara said...

I've thought that from the beginning about Rachel and Keith. If she wasn't gay, she would be threatening to him, and he would have tried to prevent her from getting her own show. He's probably sorry now, that he did, but it's too late! He can't do anything about it.

She's going to take off, and he's going to sink.

flowergirl said...

I think that if he sinks it will take a while. He may have to change the way his show goes though.

If he keeps on bashing those he doesn't like instead of giving both sides of the story people will eventually get tired of it and turn the channel.