Saturday, August 2, 2008

15 Yard Penalty For Intentional Grounding

The Wal Mart story

I have just one question. Does this girl buy her own clothes?


Anonymous said...

YUCK! That's the same dress she wore when she was whoring it up during the iPhone segment a few weeks ago. She has not taste in clothes or men...

flowergirl said...

I thought that dress looked familiar.
Seriously, is she really not smart enough to figure out how to look professsional?

marinara said...

You're right, anon! Same dress!
This was also a segment on Countdown last night, but I'm not saying that CW11 and Keith collaborate or anything. It was an outrageous political story you'd expect to hear about. But I wonder, does CW11 let their reporters sometimes come up with their own ideas for a story? You see where I'm going. Well, whatever.......

Katy has put on some weight, too, and tried to hide it with that frumpy dress. Or maybe she's pregnant and trying to hide her belly!

flowergirl said...

I don't think CW11 had anything to do with bonehead picking that story. She's freelance so I think she picks her own stuff. I think they decide whether or not to show it.
Two people who live together doing the same story is no coincidence.

Also, she does look like she's put on some weight. If she is pregnant, let's see if Keith will do the right thing and marry her. If he doesn't then he never had any intentions of doing so.
He told Dan Patrick once that couples can have children without getting married but still be friends. So it wouldn't surprise me if he set her up in her own apartment afterwards.

marinara said...

If they have kids together, you can bet your bippy he'll want them to have his name. Can they have his name if they don't get married?

I wouldn't place a lot of significance on them not getting married, even if they do have kids. A lot of people don't want the hassle, and elect just to live together. Pre-nups can be a real relationship deflater, too, so if they're getting along now, they may not after Keith hands her a pre-nup to sign, prior to marriage.

flowergirl said...

I think a child could have his last name if the couple chooses to do so. I'm not 100% sure about that.

I guess I'm old fashioned because I believe couples should get married if they're going to have children. And she should've taken into consideration a prenup before she even moved in with him.
So, to me, that's no excuse.

But, honestly, the last thing Keith needs, and this world needs, is another Keith running around.
I don't think either one of them are mature enough to raise a child that would turn out half way normal.

Anonymous said...

belt tied above tummy... (bit bow on tummy?)betcha anything she's pregnant alright. As for her free lance status..she does not pick stories..she is listed as free lance to save them the embaressment of explaining her employment...if she were a true free lance, she would work for several stations, but rest assured they assign her stories. I have no idea why she looks so tacky..her clothes would be a deductable expense.

flowergirl said...

Oh God, let's hope she isn't pregnant. We seriously don't need that kind of shit in this world. It's bad enough as it is.

If CW11 is hiding the fact that she's not free lance but yet is working for them then they should fire her.
Not just because she's not that good but, if she's pregnant, she would be an unmarried pregnant girl who moved in with a dude for the sole purpose of getting that way and giving her a free career.

This girl disgusts the hell out of me. Not to mention how low Keith has gone to get what he wants.

When two people are riding the creep train publicly then neither one of them has much credibility. But funny how he continues to try to make people believe he cares for those less fortunate.

Every time he puts on that "I care about you" face it makes me want to puke.
Countdown would be so much better if he wasn't on it.
And as I've said before, he's becoming more and more unattractive.

And, yes, her clothes suck. She seriously needs a complete make over.

flowergirl said...

Oh, and by the way. I don't believe she's pregnant. It was maybe a week ago that she did the story about the seals and she didn't look pregnant then.
Or maybe it was just a little over a week ago.
That would be one fast growing kid.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it's twins.. think People will shell out big bucks for the pics? lol!!

flowergirl said...

LOL. I doubt it but Maxim might.