Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where's The Love?

Isn't it amazing how just the mention of Keith's name can inspire such great anger among his so called fans?
Yes, I know what the blog is about but I found it amusing how it became a battle between who's the biggest baby.
Only Keith can bring something like this about. And funny how he's totally ignoring this. In fact, he hasn't posted on there in over a month. That's a record, isn't it?


marinara said...

I think that is a record for longest spell without a comment.

He is still embarrassed about his Obama/FISA screw-up and is waiting for everyone to forget about that before posting again.

He compromised his publicly stated standards for giving a Special Comment to try and cover up his mistake. That's why I think he has been quiet. If it's not contemporaneous any longer, no one will mention it the next time he tries to bounce a new idea off the Kossacks.

Anonymous said...

He made the mistake of truly believing the Kossacks adored him and that he could do no wrong where they were concerned. The Kos crowd tends to be a little more intelligent and a lot quicker to criticize than his usual adoring fan groups who won't even discuss it if he screws up in any shape, form, or fashion.

flowergirl said...

Oops. It seems as if Keith made an effort to set some things straight.
Well...kind of.
He posted this afternoon on Kos.

Of course, he also mentioned it on Countdown tonight.