Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Is Way Too Easy

"guy goes out of his way to return money he found"

Katy quote, "Now, I only have a ten. I don't have that much money."

A) it wasn't necessary to put this in her explanation. B) since she insisted on saying it, she left out two very important words: "With me". "I don't have that much money with me". That would've been the more appropriate thing to say.

Actually, she shouldn't have said it to begin with. She doesn't have that much money? That's kind of a slight slam on Keith, isn't it?
And before you go and say, "No, she's makes her own money", let's look at the facts.

She had no job or money when she moved in with Keith. It took her over a year to get that job and we all pretty much speculate how she got it. She lives in a multi million dollar condo with someone who isn't hurting for cash.
Now one can ask, did he cut her off? Is it that she makes very little money and Keith is making her fend for herself? One can only guess at the answers to those two questions.
I don't know how much a "freelance" reporter makes. Apparently it's not that much. She obviously doesn't spend money on professional clothing. But that's a different issue.

The facts remain. She never should've said that. Her reputation will always be questioned as long as she lives with someone who has a bad reputation. Also, if she wants to go far in this business she can't afford to be taking on Keith's personality.
I know that when two people live together for a long time they tend to pick up each other's habits. He is not a good habit to have.
Though she may not see it that way, it's still the facts. She's very young and impressionable, and easily manipulated. She has yet to create her own way of life and personality. Which means, she's not an individual. She's becoming exactly what Keith is molding her in to.
I say that because her statement was something that Keith would've said. In other words; don't put your personal business in with your professional business. I think that's where Keith made his biggest mistake.


Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Do you have any idea how much money it costs to dress that trashy? Trust me I know. It's money I could be spending on my baseball card collection.

flowergirl said...

Are you kidding me? He's not gonna spend his baseball card money on her. LOL.
I suspect these are clothes her Dad bought her when she was living at home.

Anonymous said...

Honey, she has more money than he does. Her father is a multi-millionaire. She doesn't have to ask him for a damn thing. He's just keeping her in the milieu (apartment) in which she was raised.

Ever think that she dresses down for her job so she doesn't upstage the people she works with? Oh, no, you couldn't possibly believe that she'd do something good.

She dressed great (extreme high-end stuff) before she moved in with Olbermann, and she will long after she leaves him.

marinara said...

I thought of that too, when I saw that clip. It was not what a more thoughtful person would have said. Clearly, she is not thinking about how her words sound to others, and what they might mean to others.

She might be asking him for ideas on what to say or do for a particular story, and I'll bet she takes him literally, when she should be putting her own mark, or style to it, somehow. Too bad she doesn't have anyone else to rely on for advice.

Saying "I don't have that much money" might not have been a slam against Keith. It may have been a semi-sarcastic *wink, wink*, like, "You know I've got all the money I need! Look who I'm with!"

She did have a job. She was a producer at KTLA in Los Angeles. I don't why she thought she'd do better with this guy instead of working her way up the ladder, but there she is! She would have learned a lot more about the television business as a producer without Keith, than as a street reporter with him.

Anyway, Keith is terrified of man-on-the-street interviews. He doesn't do unscripted interviews, so she must be pretty dumb to think he would have any useful hints or tips to offer.

flowergirl said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about her job at KTLA. And she definitely should've stayed there. She'd probably be further along than what she is.

Anonymous, I believe just about everybody has a good side to themselves.
But I disagree with you that she would dress inappropriately so as to not upstage those she works with.
She dressed nicely during the cold months.

Amused at the stupidity said...

Daddy has gone broke suing people. He's suit-happy. It's why his wife, her Mama left him. Why his daughter is pissed off at him and had to go find a new sugar daddy to support her. Never let facts get in the way of your defense of Keith or his piece though okay?

flowergirl said...

I heard something about that but I don't know the whole story so I refrain from making any assumptions towards that matter.
I just make assumptions towards Keith.hehe.

And I'm not so sure Anonymous was actually defending Keith.

Equally amused said...

Amused--I was hardly defending Olbermann. I can't stand the bastard. Excuse me, rat bastard.

Incidentally, Bob Tur has won millions of dollars in damages defending his copyrights (,8599,1614516,00.html). This happened years after his marriage ended (in 2003), so I guess there were different grounds for divorce.

Try Google. It's an amazing source for FACTS.

Anonymous said...

Considering all her bills are payed for her (rent, elec, etc) what she makes is her 'mad money' I suppose. Can we just accept the fact that she has absolutely no taste? Old photos of her prove that she never did, and probably never will..on their first date to a formal occasion, she wore a red blouse and black skirt..sounds like what you throw on when everything else is in the dirty clothes' hamper, eh? And amused is right..pop went bust years ago, mom does work in film industry. Pop's pull got her job 1, KO's got her job 2..why would she have to worry about how she looks? She's gonna get the jobs she's not qualified for no matter what she wears?

Anonymous said...

But who will pay for all that "extreme high-end" wardrobe of hers? Quite evident she couldn't afford it on her own. But women like that always find a way to get what they want don't they?