Monday, August 25, 2008

Gee, Keith. Gushing Much?

I thought Michelle Obama's speech was exceptional. It brought tears to my eyes, but Keith's response was ridiculous. If ever there was a "newsguy" in Obama's pocket it is Keith Olbermann.
He gushed all over the place after her speech. I was thinking maybe he needed a cigarette.

Oh, and he took the Kos kids with him. He's already commented twice on there. What's the matter Keith? Not getting enough love from Joe? Or Katy? Or Chris? Or the crowd down behind you holding up t-shirts with your face on them?

He needs to bring himself down a notch or two and stop acting like a spoiled child at the carnival. Or better yet, the girl who wanted the goose that lays the golden egg NOW.

He needs to start being realistic. He was the only one who couldn't come up with a decent story of hardship. Could it be because he's never had to endure such a life? This is something he just can't connect with no matter how hard he tries.
Poor Keith isn't very poor. Never has been and never will be. And will never know how to connect. Period.


Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Gods don't have to relate to those beneath us and everyone is beneath us because we're gods and they aren't. I guess I could have talked about the time someone outbid me on Ebay for this baseball card I really wanted. It was painful to me. Is that what you mean?

flowergirl said...

Hehe. That's exactly what I mean.

Anonymous said...

aw, c'mon! you all aren't just now realizing that KO is in BO's pocket, are you? Been that way since day one, which is why KO can't be fair in his 'reporting', and why it's a shame he continues to use Murrow's words at the close of his program. Murrow went after the bad guys..KO goes after anyone who doesn't agree w/him.

flowergirl said...

Oh no, I knew Keith is in Obama's pocket. I just think he needs to stop acting like a kid in the candy store.
He seemed a little better tonight. But then, I usually don't watch that much of these things.
I flip over just long enough to see who might be speaking or who they're interviewing.
But I did get to hear the train blow it's tooter to drown out Keith. That cracked me up.
Ah, there is justice sometimes.;-)

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Of course I go after anyone who doesn't agree with me. That's what my television show is for: to attack those who don't get how great a genius I am. Is it my fault that all of my fellow-MSNBCers hate me? They're jealous of me. And they should be. I am greatness personified.