Thursday, August 28, 2008

So There You Have It

Keith is perfect. Give me a break.

"My reaction to that is: 'Grow up!' They have to just grow up," said Connie Chung, a former MSNBC host and former co-anchor of "CBS Evening News."

It's amazing how Phil Griffin tries to explain all of this away. He's a windbag.
Connie Chung was able to sum up the whole thing is just a few words. Good for her.


marinara said...

That comment by rolling thunder after the article pretty well summed it up, I thought. The only way Keith can save his rep now is if they say this was all a ratings ploy, but of short duration, say, just during the Dem Con, or continuing throughout the Rep Con, too! :) What fun!

Since Russert's gone, the only thing holding Keith back is Brokaw. It's hard to predict what will happen if this goes on. Whether or not management is forced to put a stop to this, I can only see ratings go up as people tune in to see more fighting. I know I'll be watching tonight.

Donna said...

His rep is just fine. His fans love it when he's rude to Scarborough or Matthews b/c they aren't seen as being sufficently pro-liberal the way Keith is. His coworkers may hate him but his fans still adore him.

flowergirl said...

For now.

Anonymous said...

The AP reporter attack was something wasn't it? What was that about exactly? The guy wasn't that dismissive of the speech to warrant an attack from Keith for not being sufficiently amazed. It was the man's opinion. Why is he not entitled to it?

flowergirl said...

Because it's not Keith's opinion. And Keith's opinion is the only thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

And because people at Kos were angry about it so then it became Keith's mission to make Kos happy by being mad about it too.