Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swatting Flies and Dancing In The Street

car free saturday

I really do wish this girl would get better. Seriously, I do. Though she disgusts me I still wish her luck in this field. I have the tendency to root for the underdog, but for how long, is the question.
This particular one is not very good at all.

If she doesn't get better she will have to rely on Keith for the rest of her life and that, dear friends, is not a good thing in any body's life. If you are constantly dependent on someone else to get you where you want to be in life, you will never learn how to be yourself. You will always be the person that the other person wants you to be.
I learned this when I was in the entertainment business(In my early 20's). That's why I'm not in it anymore. People will make you do things you don't want to do but yet you do them out of fear. Fear that you will not make it. Fear that you will have to go back and start all over again. Fear that you will never amount to anything.
These are the kinds of things those people will instill in you. They will make you feel you are worthless without them. And it's going to cost you a lot.
When I was told I would never get far in this world if I left the business that set the tone for me to get out. Don't tell me I can't make it on my own.
This child has yet to learn this lesson.


Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

She's perfect. How can she be anything less than perfect when she's my "girlfriend"? She's going to be the next Katie Couric (even though I hate Katie Couric). I could have had the job you know. CBS talked to me. They wanted me. But I have so many more viewers over at MSNBC.

flowergirl said...

Yes, I can see where she's perfect. Perfectly horrible.

marinara said...

The girl needs a microphone to hold onto, or her hands are flying all over the place. Definitely shows a lack of self-control. Too bouncy, too animated. The other reporters don't do that. Not as much as Katy does.

She also did a story about a rape in Chelsea, and I thought the green dress she was wearing was very nice. Much improved over what she has worn in the past. In this clip, she's wearing a tight green sweater.

Ok, Katy, you look good in green, but let's not overdo it, huh? And try not to get too obvious that you're showing off your boobs. Clothing should be just a little looser, or you'll never get to sit at the anchor's desk, like they're letting Patricia Del Rio do now. Look to her for proper behavior and dress.

flowergirl said...

That was a good comment.

She could use some clothing advice.
What I think is funny about all this green she's wearing is it happens to be my favorite color.hehehe.

She needs a major makeover, though. Hair, makeup, dress..the works.
And someone to show her how to do the job she can't seem to get control of.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

You know why she likes green? She's green with envy she isn't me that's why.

flowergirl said...

LOL. I know you ain't talkin' about me. LOL.

She did another report on the car free saturday and, I swear, the girl has zero class.
But then, I guess Keith wouldn't want someone who has class.
Geez, seriously though, he could do better than that.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

She's classy because she's with me. She's smart because she's with me. She's.........okay she is tacky and kinda smutty but I like that in a girl. And by girl I mean no one older than 30 need apply.

Because it's Funny said...

It's so tempting to make a joke here about her working the street isn't it? But it netted her a job in tv and a swanky apartment on Park Avenue so I guess she does indeed know how to work what's really important.

marinara said...

Jesus H. Christ, Katy forgot to put a dress on over her slip!

Like the sunglasses, though.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, she looked a little like trailor trash. All that was left out was rollers in her hair.