Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Is He? 9?

You know, Keith can make fun of BillO all day long if he wants, but when he starts clapping his hands and giggling I have to wonder just how mentally challenged he really is.
That's just insanely childish.

He sits there and does a good job of reporting..well...stumbling reporting, some very interesting news tonight and then suddenly turns into this adolescent that makes one raise a brow or two.
He usually has good reason to bash BillO but, gee, can it be that difficult to do it without looking like a 9 year old?
Not once did I smile at this.
His parents must really be proud of him.


Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

I'm still a child at heart. It's why my fans love and adore me. Remember when I said that Katy was more emotionally mature than I was? I wasn't lying.

flowergirl said...

Sorry, I disagree. They're both emotionally immature.
And Keith isn't just a child at heart. He's a child at mind as well.