Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Hole?

If I were to give Countdown a theme tonight it would be "cheaters". Something Keith probably knows well.
So Rush Limbaugh is a hole, huh? I guess that's the easy way of saying he's an asshole? Never heard anybody called a hole before. But what Rush said about Elizabeth Edwards, or insinuated, was typical of just about any guy. Your wife is a nag so therefore it's okay to look elsewhere.
No offense fellas but you guys don't look at women as people first. How many of you can actually say that the first thing you look at are her eyes?
Though I thought it was commendable what Keith was trying to do, I think he's the wrong person to be spouting out moralities here. Or defending a woman's intellect.
Keith is about as moral as Hugh Hefner. How many times does a girl have to jump up and down before you're satisfied?

As for the murder of that poor man? I realize Keith was pissed that it happened, and I can understand that, but don't associate those of us who had nothing to do with the robbery of the White House and the heinous crimes of this administration in order to get your point across. I didn't vote for the creep. Nor did I participate in any injustice towards humanity. WE are not responsible. THEY are.

Now to The Soup and the end of the fun with Joel McHale. What a cop out.


marinara said...

I like what Keith said about that fat ass Limbaugh. That was just mean what fat ass said about the Edwards'. Uncalled for.

flowergirl said...

I'm not disputing that in the least.
Limbaugh is a dick.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

But you have to love the irony of it don't you? My alter-ego spouts these lines defending women but has his own history of making similar vile slams against females. I believe the term for that is hypocrite. So yeah, defend the right woman, Elizabeth Edwards in this case and please ignore the 999 times I slammed other women. Please ignore it. Pretty please?

flowergirl said...

My point exactly. Keith is notorious for bashing someone else for their ugly words or actions when he pretty much does the same thing.
I guess it really does take one to know one.