Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poor Craig Crawford

While Craig Crawford was talking tonight on Countdown I could hear typing in the background. When they would come back to Keith you could clearly see him turning back to the camera.
I had the feeling Keith was definitely typing and I figured it was probably on Kos. Well, I checked out Kos and lo' and behold.

Does Keith not realize how despicably rude that is? How disrespectful it is? Now you tell me if he and bonehead truly get along. If he's that way with his guests I can only imagine how painful it is to live with him. But don't get me wrong I don't feel sorry for her. She spread her legs fast for a life of disrespect. And you can bet she's getting a boatload of it.

Shame on you Keith. Shame shame shame.


marinara said...

I think Keith's way exaggerating being able to type that fast with one finger. Olbermann braggodocio, that's all. I can type, have been for 30 years, and I can't do better than 65 wpm.

Yeah, I could hear him typing every time CC was talking. Good thing it was a quieter keyboard than the one he's got in his office, or the noise would have been intolerable. If Craig can see him, it must seem deliberately inattentive and rude. The only way I can see an out for Keith's rudeness is if he asked CC if it was OK that he typed when he was talking, because he was in a hurry to get something finished, and, CC, being the good natured guy that he is, said "sure, go ahead". But, I don't think that happened.

In the end, he had to abandon the whole thing (his pending diary at D/Kos) because someone had already posted on the topic he'd chosen. That's how D/Kos is. You've got to be quick, as soon as the news breaks, because there are probably dozens, if not hundreds who may beat you to it. It should be obvious to Keith then, that during his show is not the time to try and do this. One of the commenters even noticed, asking, "how can you be replying when I am watching you on tv right now?"

Anyhow, Keith should know that he can be heard, and I found it a bit distracting. I couldn't tell if CC was distracted by it or not, though there was a point during the interview that he was talking unusually slowly. Kind of weird.

No one's going to tell Keith to knock that shit off, so it's up to his fans to do it. If he knew he was being a distraction to his guest, he should have stopped typing and at least feigned interest in his guest and the topic.

Gotta admire Keith though, that he's able to multitask like that. I couldn't do it. And if Craig thought to complain to Keith about it, I'm sure Keith would tell him, "get used to it."

When you're in television, you've got to be able to do two or three things at once, but Keith's letting his intellect overwhelm his sense of common decency. I know he's got some, and he needs to use it more often than he does.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell do you tie that behavior in with how he treats his live-in? You make a lot of unsupported presuppositions--much like the Newshole himself.

So he was typing. Big fucking deal. I would think Craig has suffered the same or worse indignities during all his CD appearances. Let him complain about it.

I'm planning to start a blog to refute the bullshit you post here. You "know" "Keith." Yeah. You're as clueless as everyone else, including, I would imagine, people who do know him. And since, like Olbermann, you don't allow dissenting opinions, the time has come.

I'll link to your site. Promise.

flowergirl said...

Please do. But keep one thing in mind. I don't hate Keith. In fact, I would take up for him in a minute if I thought he deserved it.
Everybody knows Keith as much as I do. As you have stated.

As for my assumptions of how he would be at home? I don't think anybody who treats guests the way he has would be any different at home.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
But if you feel this overwhelming desire to create a site and dispute everything I say go ahead. It's a free country.
I'm not as angry as you are. I use to be downright pissed off but I happen to enjoy Countdown and I let that make a lot of my decisions on the things I say.

I don't like those who get on here and make comments attacking each other. That's not very respectful. Anybody can have an opinion without calling each other names.
This isn't a "you're a bitch. No, you're a bitch" kind of site.
This a "Keith needs to get a grip" kind of site.
And I'm sorry that you just can't stand that.

Keith's Ego said...

FG you've broken the cardinal rule of all Keith Olbermann fans: Never, ever, in a million years say anything remotely negative about him in any way, shape, or form. You are only to excuse his behaviors, not call him out on them. Anything less is not allowed!

I'm adding your blog to mine since the inspiration for my new site came from this one. And anon fan chick? I'll be happy to link to yours as well. One big happy family, right?

flowergirl said...

I guess this is what happens when you become popular?hehe.

marinara said...

FG, your blog needs more exposure. I think he or his staff look at some of these things. I'm fairly certain he (or staff) looks at the Television Without Pity forums, and why not? We already know he looks at Olbermann Watch.

flowergirl said...

marinara said...
FG, your blog needs more exposure. I think he or his staff look at some of these things. I'm fairly certain he (or staff) looks at the Television Without Pity forums, and why not? We already know he looks at Olbermann Watch.

Sat Aug 09, 03:04:00 PM


Keith has already admitted that he googles himself. So I suspect anything that has his name on it is being viewed.
As for more exposure? OW has a link to this site. And has put this site in their link round up numerous times.
I don't care too much for them but it doesn't bother me.
And, well, I'm sure Anonymous will be more than happy to help me out as well. :)