Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Was It Just Me?

Did Countdown seem as if it lasted forever tonight? Maybe I'm just tired but I swear some of the stories were things I've already heard before. Such as; Who the hell didn't know Bush and Co. were criminals? I don't care how many people write tell all..or almost tell all books about this administration, the melody doesn't change. They're not going to be impeached or convicted of anything by Americans.
Now, it would be great, and I would be the first to say go ahead, if the international community tries that lot with war crimes.
Come on people. We already know this shit. Give us something new.

Also, Keith really needs to stop trying so hard to be funny. When he does that it makes him look incredibly stupid.
Now Rachel Maddow, on the other hand, has a great sense of humor and timing. She's a natural at this. And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she goes with the flow. Keith's problem is, he thinks he's the flow. When in fact, it's the story. So his part in it is practically non existent.

One word to solve Keith's problem. PreparationH.


marinara said...

That segment with Ron Suskind was 12 minutes long! But I really enjoyed it. I thought I knew about all the crimes of the Bush administration. This info was new to me.

The fact that no one in this administration will ever be held accountable, though, is not a reason for Keith to ignore it and "move on". Too many are doing that already. I want him to go after that bitch, Pelosi.

As someone said recently, "I want to know why she took impeachment off my table, and where did she put it?"

flowergirl said...

You have a point there. Pelosi has disappointed me big time.
I knew Bush was a sicko before he became president. I believe when he was governor he had more people executed than any other governor. And I think that at least one of those people was found to be not guilty after they did DNA testing.
How much you want to bet that it didn't bother him at all?
But Keith can talk about this till he's blue in the face and it won't change a damn thing.
Surely he doesn't think that he's that much of an influence. If he was he would have a hell of a lot more viewers.

Keith's Ego said...

Maybe he's bored because his show is a carbon copy of itself night after night after night. What good does it do to have someone on like Suskind if we know that Pelosi and crew will do absolutely nothing in the form of an impeachment hearing or whatever to expose it? Until then what we've got is yet another book on how crooked the Bush admin is. Everyone already knows that. Tell me something I didn't know. Have on a guest or two that we haven't seen before and talk about something that hasn't been discussed already a million times before. Maybe that way the show would be vibrant and interesting again. Maybe.

flowergirl said...

Well now, isn't that interesting?
Several comments have been removed, but not by me.