Monday, August 4, 2008

This Makes No Sense

Personally, I could not make it... I was supposed to go to the Clinton Foundation Christmas party last December. I mean, that I was (on the air) criticizing them, was deeply, personally painful to me. I'm sure they will say not as deeply personallly painful to you as it was to us, but I really agonized over it and in many respects, I held fire on it. A lot of the subjects that she did early on in the campaign did not strike me as particularly in concert with the rest of the Democratic feel, so, you know, it wasn't personal – it really wasn't.

Would somebody be so kind to explain this to me? If it was personally painful to him then how can it be that it wasn't personal?


marinara said...

Hey, Keith must have seen my comment yesterday about why he hasn't been on D/Kos in so long, because VOILA! There he is, explaining why he was going to kick Dana Milbank to the curb, but didn't have to. That might have been "personally painful" for him, too.

I'll give it a try to explain this, since you asked.

Keith once explained on the air that he had received a lot of support from the Clintons over his special comments, meaning that they both encouraged him that he was doing the right thing and not to let the Bushies intimidate him.

That made it personally painful for him to deliver both special comments against Hillary, but it was not "personal". In other words, he was doing what he thought was right, though painful for him personally, it was not a personal attack.

Does that make sense?

flowergirl said...

It's pretty bad when you have to decipher what the hell he says. I've always thought Keith plays with his words and never makes himself very clear.

What you said makes sense. Thank you.

Keith's Ego said...

I'm Keiths' Ego and I'm here to explain what I really meant in that interview:

I want all the press critics and whoever reads this to know how important I am. That's why I tote around this cool Clinton bag I got at Hill's last party to the TV Critics thing in L.A. I wanted them all to see who I know and how much they love me. Did I mention that the Clintons invited me to both their birthday parties and their Christmas parties? Yeah, that's how I roll: me, Bill, Hill, and Mick and the Boys.

The Clintons love me so much, everyone does. Hillary's mom is a regular viewer, so is Elizabeth Edwards. (Note to self: Insert more names of as many C-List celebs who watch me as often as I can in all interviews).

But I just couldn't go their Christmas party. I had to stay home and watch the girlfriend knit. (Wait--how long has it been since any mention was made in the tabloid press of my sleeping with my groupies and then dumping them? A year or so? Okay, scratch all references to the girlfriend. Don't need to mention her so much anymore. Maybe another hot fan will think I'm single and I can have another hot hotel hook-up. And I've mentioned her so much that everyone already knows I must be a stud because I'm pushing 50 and I've got a hot little 20-something at home).

Where was I? Oh yeah, pain. Such pain. I want my fans to feel my pain. I'm so torn, conflicted, agonized. (But come on, everyone knows that Obama is going to win and I want to have an in with the Obama administration. So I had to say what I did about Hill and Bill because I want to be one of the cool kids, you know, the kind who ignored me in high school, college, for most of my life.) Did I mention that the Clintons invited me to their parties? And so I'm deeply pained that I might never get another invite from them ever again after what I said about them which is why I'm pained because then how will everyone know how important I am if I can't mention going to their way cool parties in interviews? So it hurt me. It hurt me bad. So bad. And I want them to know that's why it wasn't personal to them, it was just personal to me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Because it's all about me. I loves me some me.

flowergirl said...


marinara said...

Keith's Ego, meet Chris Matthews' leg!

Keith's Ego said...

If Chris Matthews leg can have a blog then my ego can too! And now I do.

flowergirl said...

I love your blog. Hehe. I hope you can keep it going.